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Featuredon Idn, Ceiga, FromUpNorth, MotionGraphicsCollective, Undermatic, SurrealismToday, Redux, The Jellyfish Act

other commissions credits

Sound Design and Audio Post-Production for the Film Color Of War
⊳ Premiered at Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles
⊳ Nominated at Chicago South Asian Film Festival and White Sands International Film Festival

Tris di Donne ed Abiti Nuziali - Film - Sound Mixer Assistant
Premiered at Venice Film Festival 2009

Il Generale e i Fratellini d'Italia - RAI Film - Sound DesignBroadcasted by italian nation tv broadcaster RAI as celabration for the 150th year of unity in italy

Selected Performances
‘Nokuit Live’ at Cafe OTO (Live Performance)
‘Loom’ at Platine Festival (Audio-Video Installation)
‘wannamarchi.club expo’ at Castlefield Gallery (exhibition)
‘wannamarchi.club’ at The Glove That Fits (exhibition)
‘The Island’ at Il Pagliaio (theathrical-audio performance)

‘La Santa’ at Peyote Instanbul (live performance)

Sound Design for Visual Media (Vancouver Film School)
Bachelor of Arts in Sound Technologies
Electronic Music (Italian Institute of Music Technologies)

vanity + awards
Best Sound Design Nomination (film: Downward - California Film Festival Action On)
Venice Film Festival Premiere - Sound Mixer (film: Tris di Donne ed Abiti Nuziali)
Warner Bros Studios Premiere - Sound Designer (Film: Color of War)
VFS & SoundCloud Sound Design Scholarship winner

Selected Features
IDN, Ceiga, Cafe OTO, Noise Receptor, soundesign.info, Motion Graphic Collective, Redux.