“...His work mines the space between dissonance and harmony through a murky, melancholic blend of field recordings, visceral sound design textures and deep rooted melodic layers...” - Cafe OTO

“...We hear faithful echoes of everything from the first Terminator movie to Blade Runner to any other film relying on shadowy, bleak representations of dystopian futures as its central concern...” - Mat Smith/MUTE Records

“...conveying a sense of entrapment, paralysed by forces beyond control. Crushingly strong and kinda unmissable for heavier heads, especially fans of Stephen O’Malley, Dave Phillips, Lawrence English...” - Boomkat

“...conveying both a Damoclesian dystopian doom alongside burning shafts of hopeful radiance. It makes for a highly dramatic, almost melodramatic, narrative, caught in a volatile space where we find ourselves pulled down, brought low, only then to be buoyed up and raised aloft, in every sense elevated...” - 5against4

“...A soundtrack to a film that has left its screenwriters behind, ..drifting in on itself and out into the world, asleep at the wheel...”  - wannamarchi.club

“...a fianco di ottenebranti texture noise, repentine abrasioni e infidi sample militareschi, compaiono seducenti stralci melodici e interludi meditativi che nulla hanno da invidiare agli episodi più rinvigorenti di un  Tim Hecker o di un Biosphere...”SentireAscoltare